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Mechanics Gloves 763587
Heavy duty mechanics gloves made from a special fabric that breathes, offering comfort and non-slip ..
Ex Tax: £13.49
Fingerless Mechanics Gloves L 868837
Fingerless mechanics gloves with elastic band cuff and velcro adjustment...
Ex Tax: £13.95
Red PVC Gloves 447137
Red PVC gloves with knitted wrist bands...
Ex Tax: £1.11
Double Sided Dot Gloves 783131
Lightweight polycotton gloves with PVC dots on both sides for enhanced grip. Ideal for light duty ap..
Ex Tax: £0.51
Part Fingerless Mechanics Gloves M 675288
Part fingerless mechanics gloves with elastic band cuff and velcro adjustment. Partial fingerless de..
Ex Tax: £14.40
Foam Nylon Nitrile Gloves 456974
Foam nitrile-coated 13 gauge seamless nylon knitted glove. With an open back that keeps hand cool in..
Ex Tax: £2.13
Household Gloves 12pk 868531
Made from finest natural rubber. Soft, flexible and durable. Flock lined...
Ex Tax: £7.22
Part Fingerless Mechanics L 282597
Part fingerless mechanics gloves with elastic band cuff and velcro adjustment. Partial fingerless de..
Ex Tax: £14.40
Kevlar Mix Nitrile Gloves 598485
Nitrile coated with Kevlar and Polycotton mixed liner. Combines excellent grip with high abrasion, c..
Ex Tax: £6.18
Red PVC Gauntlets 868551
400mm red PVC gauntlets...
Ex Tax: £1.98
Expert Rigger Gloves 633501
High quality cowhide. Knuckle and fingertip protection. Safety cuff. Palm lined. CE approved...
Ex Tax: £2.32
Pig Skin Rigger Gloves 868554
Good quality gloves with chrome leather palms and fingers.CE simple design...
Ex Tax: £1.68
Kevlar Cut Proof Gloves 633534
Kevlar cut-proof glove coated with latex. Ideal for handling sharp objects such as glass and sheet m..
Ex Tax: £7.76
Latex Gloves 100pk 980918
Single use. Large size. Non sterile. Lightly powdered...
Ex Tax: £7.42
Single Sided Dot Gloves 196545
Lightweight poly-cotton glove with PVC dots on one side. Ideal for light duty applications. PVC dots..
Ex Tax: £0.40
Fully Coated Latex Gloves 633543
Latex fully coated, double dipped, knit wrist glove...
Ex Tax: £1.58
Rigger Gloves CB01
Good quality gloves with chrome leather palms and fingers. Simple design Category 1...
Ex Tax: £1.29
Jersey Lined Nitrile Gloves 282405
Dipped nitrile gloves ideal for heavy material handling. Nitrile offers good chemical and oil resist..
Ex Tax: £1.53
Furniture Rigger Gloves 633603
Tough rainbow pattern, furniture hide rigger gloves. Striped cotton back with semi-stiff pasted cuff..
Ex Tax: £1.38
Kevlar Stitched Red Gauntlets S6
Superior quality red welders gauntlet with kevlar stitching. ..
Ex Tax: £4.00
Open Back Interlock Nitrile Gloves 282475
Supported Nitrile glove and interlock liner with knit cuff. Open back to keep hand cooler in warm en..
Ex Tax: £1.36
Vinyl Gloves 100pk 675052
Vinyl disposable pre-powdered gloves. Ambidextrous. Large size...
Ex Tax: £5.55
Nitrile Gauntlets 793785
Good puncture resistance. Flock-lined for comfort wear.Diamond patterned surface to enhance grip.Goo..
Ex Tax: £1.57
Yellow Gripper Gloves 349760
Knitted cotton gloves with criss-cross non-slip grip. Elasticated wrists...
Ex Tax: £1.33
Nylon Nitrile Coat Gloves 675069
Nylon glove coated with nitrile is suitable for gardening, assembly work, handling small/delicate ma..
Ex Tax: £1.60
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