Multi Stage Acetylene Regulator 1.5

Multi Stage Acetylene Regulator 1.5
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Body: Forged Brass, chemically stabilized and gold powder-painted
First stage Bonnet: Forged Brass, chemically stabilized and powder painted
Second stage Bonnet: Die-cast Zinc alloy, chemically stabilized and powder painted
First stage Diaphragm: Diam. 40 mm, pre-shaped stainless steel
Second stage Diaphragm: Diam. 82 mm EPDM fabric-reinforced rubber
Encapsulated Valve: Brass body sealed by PA (first stage) or high-grade chloroprene rubber (second stage)
Pressure Gauges: Safe design, bulkhead 50mm gauges, dual scales, accuracy class 2,5%
Inlet Stem & Nut: High-tensile brass, geometry complying with National standard
Safety Valves: On both regulator stages, non-adjustable
Control elements: Plastic contol knob + captive pressure adjusting screw
Setting: Ergonomic PA contol knob, adjustable limitation of P2 max
Art. Nr. Inlet
0762143 25 1,5 G 5/8 LH G 3/8 LH 10

GCE Multistage regulators are designed to give a level of performance that single stage regulators cannot provide. Typical applications are where;

  • The outlet pressure must remain constant irrespective of changing inlet cylinder pressure.
  • The system is left unattended for long periods of time
  • Accuracy and fluctuation free performance is demanded

Ideally suited to manifold, dispense systems, pressure testing, and a wide range of laboratory applications, the high level of pressure control is achieved by two stage pressure reduction with the first stage reducing the inlet pressure by 90% and the large second stage diaphragm affording accurate final delivery pressure. 

GCE Multistage regulators are precision manufactured, available up to 300 bar service, and complying with 
EN ISO 2503. Versions are available with feature of being able to pipe away gases from the relief valve port, complying with stringent requirements of EN ISO 7291 for manifold application and operation in confined spaces.

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